3 Simple Ways To Keep Shoplifters Out of Your Store

Whether you own a local corner store or an expansive supermarket, shoplifters pose a measured threat to the safety, finances, and overall success of your store. It is therefore essential to reduce instances of theft as much as possible. Though no store can prevent shoplifting in its entirety, there are several ways you can reduce the chances of getting hit by shoplifting attacks.

1. Be mindful of reusable grocery bags.

While reusable shopping bags are a win for the environment, they may actually increase the likelihood of shoplifting in your store. As most of the bags aren’t transparent, it’s easy for shoplifters to sneak items into their bags. To combat this issue, encourage shoppers to use baskets or carts while they shop and to only fill their shopping bags after all items have been purchased.

2. Install surveillance cameras.

Perhaps the easiest way to catch shoplifters in the act is to install cameras throughout your store. Be sure to place them in locations that are most prone to suspicious activity, such as near valuable items or in hidden corners that see less foot traffic.

3. Hire more employees.

The more employees you have circulating the store, the fewer chances thieves will have to carry out their shoplifting plans. Although their very presence is enough to deter many shoplifters, employees should also be trained to spot suspicious activity.

Combatting grocery store internal liabilities is always a challenge, but it’s easier than ever to implement strategies that keep your store safe from threats so you can get back to business.