3 Things Every Marina Operator Needs To Do

Owning and operating a marina can be a rewarding endeavor. Each day life on the water brings new adventures. It also brings unexpected surprises. As a marina owner or operator, it’s important to protect your investment. Here are 3 ways to keep your business safe.

  1. Have Pollution Insurance

You have no control over how boat operators navigate or care for their boats. If something happens to one of the vessels in your care, such as fire or fuel spillage from an accident, the impact on the environment can be devastating. A Blue Haven Marina policy can protect your business against pollution liability.

  1. Prepare An Emergency Plan

Hurricane season can be especially stressful for boat owners. If a hurricane is in your forecast, make sure any boats you possess are cleared of any detachable items such as sails and dinghies. Plan for how you will tie up or remove boats. Be sure boat owners are aware of your plans for their boats as well. Being prepared ahead of time will alleviate undue stress later.

  1. Require Lessees to Carry Insurance

Your marina should not be solely responsible for boats which it does not own. Make it a requirement in your slip rental contract that all boat owners carry their own insurance. This protects you as well as them.