An Overview of Blanket Accident Insurance

Whether your organization hosts a one-time event or an on-going activity, professionals such as Aegis insurers can help you protect yourself and your participants with specialty insurance. Here is an overview of how a blanket accident policy might help.

Who Needs It?

If you organize an event of any kind, it can be beneficial to invest in blanket coverage. Sports teams or tournament organizers can be protected, as well as those involved in events such as church groups, theater clubs, parades, and day care centers, and any organization that includes travel for their members.

What Does It Cover?

It can cover injuries sustained by organizers, members, players, and anyone else who is a participant in the activity or organization during practices, rehearsals, group travel to and from the event, and the duration of the event itself.

How Long Does Coverage Last?

You can work directly with the company to decide the length of time needed for your policy. Agents such as Aegis insurers can assist you in deciphering the exact needs for your particular event or activity to ensure you do not pay for unnecessary coverage. Your policy may be as short-lived as a day or as long as a year.

Make sure your coaches, players, members, and everyone else involved with your organization are protected. Take the time to find a blanket accident policy that can fit your particular needs.