As Care Increases, So Does Liability

With the spiraling cost of hospital stays, it’s little wonder why so many people are turning to home health care services to aid their recovery in their own houses. As more patients are being served, it becomes more crucial to have specialty insurance for VNAs, Visiting Nursing Associations.

VNAs are comprised of both home health and hospice services. They can be independent agencies or part of an integrated health care system. Services they provide include nursing, rehabilitation and counseling. Because of the diverse kinds of care that may be involved, there are many areas where insurance can be vital if an issue arises.

Over 12 million individuals receive care in their homes each year for temporary problems like an acute illness, or for more long-term issues such as permanent disability, chronic conditions and terminal illness. Despite a caregiver attempting to perform duties properly, there are many variables in a home care environment that the patient may perceive as an error.

A VNA can be held legally responsible for actions by any caregivers under its direction, including nurses, physicians, physical therapists and other home health workers. Professional liability insurance can cover the wide range of services each provides.

The need for health care assistance is ever growing, as is the need to protect workers from possible legal action. Specialty insurance for VNAs can help decrease the mounting costs of offering home health services.