Automated Marketing for Lead Generation

Success in the insurance industry is twofold; you need maintain a relationship with your existing customers while simultaneously identifying and approaching new prospects. It can be exhausting. Fortunately, insurance marketing system software can perform many of these time-consuming tasks for you on an automatic basis.

Touch Base With Existing Clients

Keeping in contact with existing clients is important, not only for retention but for lead generation. A referral from an existing customer is a powerful tool. Automated marketing makes this sometimes onerous chore easy by providing customizable templates for both email and direct mail postcards, so that you’ll be able to respond appropriately with whatever form of communication that the occasion calls for.

Lead Generation Through an Integrated Online Approach

You probably have an online presence already; by integrating various platforms, you can generate leads through a process of inbound marketing. Here’s how it works: before making a buying decision, most consumers research products and services online. By creating engaging content that is optimized to be found by search engines, your prospects will locate your website via online search. Once they are on your website, you can start collecting email addresses and then organize your subscription list based on factors that prospects have in common, such as age or location, to send each segment content that is personalized and applicable to their lives.

An insurance marketing system allows you to store contacts’ information and manage your paper and email communications almost effortlessly. Turn over this time-consuming chore to the automated system, and watch as the new leads pour in.