Building a Wheelchair Ramp

There are certain physical disabilities that require the use of a wheelchair. Sometimes the chair must be permanent. This can make getting around tricky and stairs become impossible without assistance. Getting into and out of a house is a challenge but you can make it easy by building a wheelchair ramp.

Where to Place It

When building a ramp to allow access to a wheelchair bound patient, you must first consider which entrance you will build it to. The door should be wide enough for a chair and have easy access to the rest of the house. You also need to consider any obstacles outside that will influence the placement of the ramp.

Size and Slope

The width of the ramp must be at least 42 inches to accommodate the outside rails as well as the width of the wheelchair. The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends a slop ratio of 1:12, meaning for every inch the ramp rises, it moves forward 12. Ramps that rise more than six inches overall and/or are longer than 72 inches should have handrails for safety. There are several materials you can use to build the ramp but whatever you choose should be durable and able to stand up to all kinds of weather.

For people who are bound to wheelchairs, navigating buildings can be a challenge. By building a ramp, the disabled will have easy access and independence.