Cannabis Concoctions

If you dislike smoking but still want to feel the effects of marijuana, there are other methods that can help you get where you want to be.

Rick Simpson Oil

The medicinal user benefits from Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Named for the man who perfected the recipe, RSO is a natural cannabis-based oil that helps alleviate the symptoms of many debilitating illnesses and diseases. The story goes that he decided to try making his own cannabis oil at home to help his tinnitus and chronic vertigo. He reported that his symptoms all but disappeared after taking it orally, so he decided to try it topically on cancerous tumors on his arm. When those also disappeared, his oil ballooned into a worldwide sensation. He encourages you to make your own RSO, but it is also available at dispensaries in legal states.


Cannabis-infused butter, or “cannabutter,” is wildly popular in the creation of edibles. It is exactly what it sounds like: butter made with cannabis. It is easy to make at home if you want to bake your own special treats, but like RSO, it is also available at some dispensaries. Use it as a replacement for oil or regular butter in a recipe and let the fun begin! Medicinal users and recreational users both can enjoy the effects of cannabutter.

Whether you’re a recreational or a medicinal user, marijuana is a versatile plant that can be consumed in a number of ways.