Car Dealer Insurance Is a Necessity

In the automotive world, protection is not only necessary for drivers, but also for dealerships. Car dealer insurance is an important element of the business, as it helps safeguard both your company and your workforce.


Who Needs Protection?


Any smart dealership owner will not only protect against inventory loss and property damage, but will also make sure to provide workers’ compensation benefits to an employee who may become injured on the job. While seemingly safe, this environment is at risk for a variety of occupational hazards.


  • Mechanics – Many dealerships operate in-house repair facilities that require the use of heavy machinery. Even with proper procedure, machines can fail, causing crushed limbs or head trauma. Likewise, oil slips are certainly not uncommon.


  • Autobody technicians –Body shops are considerably dangerous due to less-apparent threats. Workers are constantly exposed to the harmful chemical compounds in paints, solvents, and welding fumes. Moreover, lung injuries can result from the debris caused by sandblasting.


  • Salesmen – A sales staff is subject to risks imposed by your own customers. It is important to protect your associates if they become injured in an accident caused by a potential buyer.


Who Provides Protection?


If you are operating without car dealer insurance, you may be placing yourself and your employees at a higher risk. Your insurance agent or broker can act as a middleman between you and a valuable provider who understands the automotive work environment. Such a provider will help mitigate claims, coordinate return-to-work programs, and increase loss control and safety awareness. They help your business because they know your business.