Common Problems Reported in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes fill a valuable role for people who are unable to care for themselves or live independently. Unfortunately, there are widespread reports of abuse, neglect and other issues within many facilities. A look at some of the most common problems in nursing homes shows what areas could use the most improvement.

Food Quality

Institutional food does not have a great reputation. In many cases, that reputation is warranted. The kitchen staff at nursing homes must prepare food that can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. The result is often bland food that leaves residents frustrated and underfed. In cases where they avoid eating, malnutrition can result.


Staffing is an ongoing problem for many nursing homes. There is generally a very high turnover rate, meaning new staff members must be onboarded quickly without the benefit of proper training. This can lead to risky situations where residents can be injured or suffer neglect at the hand of unqualified staff.

Response Times

Another consequence of insufficient staffing is poor response time. While this can be a simple inconvenience for some, a delay of even minutes could mean the difference between life and death for others in a nursing home setting.

Social Activities

Isolation is not healthy for anyone. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail to fully engage residents in activities with others. This can lead to a decline in emotional, cognitive, and physical health that the nursing home may be held liable for.

Many of the most common problems in nursing homes can lead to increased risk and liability for operators. The right insurance policy can help limit those risks.