Common Reasons Someone Is Kidnapped

While most people don’t think about the kidnapping on a regular basis, there are many reasons someone may be kidnapped. Often a person is taken completely by surprise. Having protection against kidnapping/ransom can help cover some of the financial toll it takes.


For the western world, one of the biggest reasons for kidnapping is so the person can be ransomed for money. Those with higher net worths are at greater risk for kidnapping for ransom than others, but the crime can happen to anyone. Recently a UK mom kidnapped her child to collect a large reward.


Those in the political sphere may have their children or spouses taken for political reasons. Perhaps the kidnapper did not care for the policies or statements of the politician or want to blackmail the politician to take a particular stance.


For families traveling outside of the US, corruption in local societies can lead to kidnappings. The experts at state ransom demands have increased worldwide in recent years. Insuring against kidnapping provides the ransomed with help with local agencies, safe return, negotiation management, and fund delivery.

Having protection against kidnapping/ransom can help take some of the negative financial impacts of the crime off of the family. However, there are many side effects the kidnapped person deals with once rescued.