Why Do Community Action Agencies Need Insurance?

If you work for or run a Community Action Agency, you might feel as though budget worries are always on your mind. If times are tough, you may be wondering why you should dedicate a portion of your financial resources to insurance rather than the services that you provide to those in need. Insurance for Community Action Agencies can be completely affordable for your organization. More importantly, it can protect you from huge, unexpected costs in the future.


Community Action Agencies are essential to their communities. Without your services, many people in your area might find themselves without nutritious food, safe housing, crisis support, educational opportunities, and much more. Imagine what could happen if an accident or natural disaster occurs and destroys part or all of your CAA’s buildings. You may not have the funds immediately available to find a new place of operation.


Your CAA probably relies on volunteers, many that you may not know well. What could happen if a volunteer hurts himself or herself? What if he or she assaults another volunteer or a community member? What if a volunteer or employee sues because of perceived discrimination? A lawsuit could be devastating to your organization, especially if you are not prepared.


By investing in insurance for Community Action Agencies, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you are prepared for anything. Don’t let the unexpected hinder your organization from doing its important work.