Connecticut High Net Worth Insurance and Your Possessions

Although most members of the upper class have the good sense to get insurance, sometimes they do not protect themselves as well as they should. The more wealth and assets they accumulate, the harder it can get to manage all of them. Connecticut high net worth insurance is important to protect not only you, but all of your possessions.




Many people make an effort to get the obvious types of coverage, such as car insurance, home insurance, or life insurance. However, the wealthy have a number of assets that are less obvious and might need protection. One of the most obvious is insurance for yachts, planes, sports cars, or other forms of transportation. Even if you don’t use the item very often, the risk of an accident can be very expensive indeed.


Valuable Items


There are other items that need protection, too. Expensive and rare artwork should be protected against damage or deterioration. If you own horses or another type of animal, you should not only insure the animal against injury but get liability insurance for any person the animal might accidentally harm. Expensive jewelry should also be protected against theft or loss. Other items that need to be insured include antiques, furniture, and collections.


Although many members of the upper class know to protect their financial assets, sometimes their tangible ones slip out of mind. Connecticut high net worth insurance is the best way to protect valuable possessions.