Considerations When Changing Homes

If wanderlust has overcome you and you find yourself wanting to move, you’re in good company; annually, 35.5 million Americans move homes. No matter why you have chosen to leave, consider preparations and steps to take to better prepare you. It’s not easy to uproot and find a new home, but being ready for it will help move the process along.


Know what kind of home you will be living in and buy insurance for it. Laws and coverages vary state by state, so research legalities and requirements for your new place.

For example, home insurance in Albuquerque versus home insurance in Seattle are two very different packages. Home insurance in Albuquerque might entail fire and flood coverage. Seattle home insurance might require storm damage and even volcano coverage.

Renter’s insurance is not required in every state, though it is strongly recommended. Check rates and see what works for your situation.


Are you moving because of a job change, or are you starting with a blank slate? Look at what industries and job types are offered in different parts of the country. if you’re unsure what kind of employment you want, here is some inspiration: As of 2018, Disneyland in Southern California had 201,000 employees. 66,000 new manufacturing jobs were announced in South Carolina between 2011 and 2018.

Be smart when picking up and leaving. Know what you are getting yourself into and how you will provide for yourself and your family once you arrive.