Cover Liability for Your Furniture Store

When selling furniture at your store, you typically have a large inventory of expensive and potentially risky supplies. Having something damaged or causing harm to someone else can cost you greatly. Furniture dealers insurance can often cover these types of liabilities to keep your business afloat. With the possibility of so many potential problems, having the right coverage is vital to saving you money, trouble and frustration.

On the Premises

Within the building where you keep your furniture, and possibly display it, there are numerous risks. Whether it involves you directly or a third party, insurance can cover the damages in a variety of cases.

Property: Sometimes, something can happen that causes your product to be damaged in store or warehouse.
General liability: In cases where a customer or someone else may be handling furniture within the store and gets injured in the process, this type of liability can cover legal and medical fees.
Flood and Earthquake: Depending on where your furniture store is located, you may be at risk of one or both of these.

Outside the Store

There are a few risks that can exist even beyond the store building. Furniture dealers insurance can extend coverage to these, as well.

Automobile: You’ll likely have vans and other vehicles for transportation.
Product liability: This is for when a faulty product ends up harming a customer after purchase.