Coverage for Foreign Workers

As the world becomes more interconnected, the likelihood of at least one of your employees need to travel internationally will increase dramatically. With this said, foreign workers compensation coverage should be a topic of discussion for your organization if you are planning any work trips for particular departments. Whenever you employ an individual, there is a possibility of an injury occurring while they are working. While it typically does not happen, foreign workers compensation coverage lessens the liability of your business when one of your workers experiences an injury overseas. The majority of states have laws that require foreign workers compensation coverage, but it is best to ensure you understand your respective state’s laws.

Which Injuries are not Covered?

Foreign workers compensation coverage covers a lot of injuries, but there are circumstances where these policies do not protect you from impending liability. The most common lapse in this area involves workers who overstay during a work trip and receive an injury after the designated period. When a worker gets an injury in this instance, the policy will not cover this injury. Another example of a system not covering an employee involves catching a common disease in another locality. If the condition is not covered by domestic law, the contracted disease cannot be covered by the policy, and your business will likely have to come out of pocket to assist this individual.