Customize Your Commercial Liability Coverage

Running a business always involves risks, but some of these risks could end up costing you dearly unless you find commercial liability insurance in Babylon. You want to work with an agent to fill in any gaps in your coverage, as well as to avoid purchasing coverage that you don’t need.

What Is Commercial Liability Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Liability insurance covers property damage or personal injury done to other people. Commercial liability insurance covers you for any injury or property damage suffered by clients or customers that was either caused by you or by one of your employees or which occurred on your premises. For example, if your company put out a defective product and a customer is injured as a result, or if someone should suffer an injury from a slip and fall on your property, any resultant medical expenses would be covered by your liability policy.

What Is Not Covered by Your Liability Insurance?

If your business is to provide professional services rather than to sell products, general liability insurance will not cover any damages that occur as a result of omissions or errors by you or an employee. For that you need professional liability insurance. Examples of professionals who could benefit from this kind of coverage include tax auditors, morticians, IT consultants, and lawyers.

Commercial liability insurance in Babylon is an important piece to the puzzle, but it might not give you the entire picture. A reputable insurance professional will be able to help you put all the pieces in place.