Discover NetXPORT for XML Integration

When working with the mass of data in the insurance policy and underwriting fields, the ability to include all data in each XML transmission is crucial for efficiency and functionality. Avoid the need to individually import data from a rating system to your company’s policy issuance and underwriting departments with the NetXPORT XML Integration Module from NetRate. Each XML document is complete with each bit of data included, whether the data was manually entered by the user or generated for input from the rating system.


Maximize Efficiency


For maximum efficiency, avoid the need to enter key data multiple times at different points in the process. With NetXPORT, the XML transmission includes all rating and customer data, including:


  • Coverage and premium information
  • Insured information
  • Classification data
  • Factors in rating


The entire process of underwriting, from rating to policy issuance, will be smoother and more effective with a system that ensures that all key data transfers with each XML document. Unlike systems that require redundant data entry at different user levels, your company will benefit from a smooth flow, with all key information included in each transmission. The NetXPORT XML Integration Module offers a solution to rating system and data entry consistency and efficiency, ensuring that all information that will be needed is included, allowing for straight-through processing that creates seamless flow of production with less risk of missed or erroneous data that can happen with multiple points of input.