Don’t let Your Attraction Become a Lawsuit Nightmare

Single attraction entertainment businesses require insurance that can handle personal injury risks. Insurance for batting cages, laser tag, mini-golf and insurance for paintball arenas does not look the same as other business insurance. The risks are inherently different and here is why.

The Risk of Sports and Gaming

When people gather together to play sports, they tend to be a little rough with one another. Paintball is not a gentle sport and neither is laser tag. You have people running, jumping and otherwise chasing after one another. While it’s great fun, there is always a risk of injury. Businesses that cater to these sports need higher liability options so that if someone gets hurt on their property, they don’t lose their business.
Impact Programs lists other sports that may have a high risk associated:
Go Karts
Driving Ranges
Escape Rooms
Virtual Reality
When you have groups of people having a good time, there is always going to be a risk. Businesses should not have to let that risk stop them from running a business.
To take care of single attraction entertainment, it is crucial to have the right insurance options available. Whether that is in the personal injury coverage or coverage for natural disasters that could destroy expensive equipment, entertainment businesses need the best coverages.