Do You Have Enough Insurance?

Most people carry auto, health, homeowners, and life insurance, thinking that if the worst happens, they will be covered. It’s all too common to learn that you are underinsured when a catastrophe does happen. When was the last time that you went over your insurance in Fieldale VA with an expert who explains your limits and coverage? The insurance industry is very competitive. An annual review could save you money and give you peace of mind.


If your employer provides life and disability insurance, you probably haven’t given a thought to getting it on your own. Once you need the insurance, it’s too late to cover the gap if you don’t have enough. You need to know if you or your beneficiaries will have to pay taxes on the insurance money that you receive from a policy provided by work. The rule of thumb is whether the premiums were paid with pre or post-tax dollars.


As your life changes, your insurance needs change. Your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover your child’s property when they are at college. Expensive artwork may not be covered in a theft. Your insurance in Fieldale VA has specialists who will advise about your needs. Use their resources to make sure you are covered and understand the policies available to you. Being underinsured is just as bad as not having insurance at all.