E&O Answers for Niche Agencies

As an insurance agent, you understand the value of comprehensive liability protection, and you work hard to protect your clients against any imaginable exposure to risks. No doubt, you are well-versed on the importance of effective errors and omissions (e&o) coverage, and you pride yourself on finding the right policy to fit each specific client need.

But in the midst of solving liability questions for your customers, you’ve discovered an uncomfortable truth. Finding reliable insurance agents e&o coverage for your own business is becoming more and more difficult.

When Filling a Niche Can Be an Issue

If your agency specializes in writing insurance for niche industries or high-end network clients, you are providing a vital service to a group that struggles to find dependable, competitively-priced protection. Below are just a few examples of high-risk clients that require specialized insurance coverage:

  • Long-haul trucking
  • Aviation
  • Demolitions
  • Gas and Oil Contractors
  • Environmental

Unfortunately, the more difficult the risk for your client, the higher the risk for your agency should a claim of liability be lodged against you. All of which makes the process of securing quality e&o protection for your own agency that much tougher.

Find a Broker Equipped To Handle Your Needs

Mistakes can and will happen–and in today’s litigious society, lawsuits will often follow. Don’t compound the error by leaving your flanks unprotected. Find a broker today that specializes in insurance agents e&o coverage.