Errors & Omissions Insurance for Miscellaneous Professionals

Professional firms face more liability than ever. A misc professionals program of insurance covers you in case of negligence or errors. Even if you are offering a relatively new type of service, you need insurance to protect you. A general liability policy may exclude certain types of damages or may not provide enough coverage. An agent with specialty insurance experience can find the underwriter and tailor an insurance portfolio to protect your business.

More businesses are experiencing hackers trying to get information. It is extremely expensive to clean up from a cyber-threat. You should consider a cyber-exposure policy if you handle sensitive information. Ask your agent about resources that can prevent an attack, but cover yourself in case the worst happens.

Errors & omissions insurance is just one additional policy that protects when mistakes are made. No matter how careful you are, errors happen. It’s not a matter of if, but of when. You don’t want to rely on your customer’s good will when finances are on the line.

Even if you are innocent in making an error, the legal fees to defend yourself could easily crush your business. In this litigious society, you need to be covered for any contingency that would put you out of business. Working with a specialty insurance provider who has a misc professionals program, you will have options of insurance that will protect you.