Examining Risks in the Marine Industry

There are lots of potential risks to avoid when you’re on the water. It may be easy to forget that the solid ground that you’re on while at sea is surrounded by a constantly churning ground that makes aid or rescue difficult, at best.  

What Are Risks in the Marine Industry?

Weather is one of the obvious risks in the marine industry. Even with state-of-the-art forecasting equipment and radar, the unexpected has been known to happen. Yachts and commercial vessels that have been caught in hurricanes, for instance, often suffer great, if not deadly, damage.

Hacking is a threat. These days, with so many electronics on the control decks of ships, any kind of hack to the system could be crippling. Navigation systems could be affected, or the ship’s trajectory could be altered on purpose to suit the desires of the hacker. 

As time goes by and fleets get older, they themselves become the risk. The history of mankind’s seafaring is one in which modern technology is consistently brought to bear against the perils of the sea. An aging fleet negates this principle and is subject to higher insurance costs

There are many risks in the marine industry, but through education and prevention, you can avoid them and get busy with the work at hand.