Focus on the Buyer to Improve Your Insurance Website

Insurance may not be the most fun or sexy topic people search for on the internet, but it is a necessary one. Focusing on the important benefits insurance offers to customers increases the likelihood that shoppers turn into buyers. Join the best insurance agency websites available by supporting the journey of the buyer.


Taking the focus away from your company to the buyer engages their interests better. One easy way to do that is by having resources available to answer general questions they may have. The information listed should not feel like a sales pitch, but rather, they seek to offer relevant information to help the buyer decide on the right products and services they need.

Call to Action

Websites that offer a call to action tend to perform better than those that don’t. Increasing leads though is more than having a box pop up for them to enter their information. Consider offering a whitepaper, tip sheet or e-book in exchange for their contact information. Service pages offer an opportunity to grab their attention where they are looking, helping you tailor your pitch to them.

The best insurance agency websites offer the buyer a great experience. Customers should feel comfortable and benefit from your website beyond an insurance quote.