Help Reduce Home Health Care Risk

Insurance providers are continually searching for more effective ways to not only provide liability coverage for home health care facilities, workers, patients, and staff, but to reduce the overall amount of risk that could potentially affect their clients as well. In response, certain providers have implemented specialized home health care risk management services as an additional and complimentary benefit of being a policyholder.


Risk Management Solutions: Key Details


Intuitive insurance companies understand that the best way to approach both the liability coverage and risk management needs of their health care clients is to have a custom tailored approach out of the gate. In this way, the insurer can specifically address the wants and desires of the client rather than relying on “state survey” or compliance. Examples of home health care risk management areas of expertise for these insurers often include the following:


  • Adverse event/Emerging risk coaching
  • Culture change
  • Documentation
  • Employee safety
  • Environmental safety
  • Forms
  • Media relations
  • P&P development
  • QI
  • RACs
  • Resident safety
  • Staffing
  • Training


In addition, certain insurance providers are going above and beyond with their policyholders to help reduce risk even more. Some are now offering a helpline for risk consultation, webinars, newsletters, risk alerts, web-based virtual risk assessments, crisis support, E-news, and more. This is yet another reason to find the absolute best insurer that understands your specific needs as a home health care provider.