What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover in the Case of Wildfires?

Wildfires are a common peril in California. Some are caused by lightning while others are man made. Either way, the resulting blaze can damage or destroy homes, leaving you and your family stranded. So, what about insurance? Will homeowners insurance in Los Angeles cover wildfires? The answer is typically yes, though some agencies refuse to sell to those owners who live in common fire areas. If your policy does cover this natural disaster, here’s what’s included.


Homeowners insurance will help cover your home and any attached structures such as a deck, carport or garage. Your policy should give you money towards rebuilding and repairs up to your policy limit.


Some insurance policies may also provide limited coverage for fire damaged plants, trees, lawns and shrubs. This is something you’ll have to speak directly to your insurance agency about when purchasing new insurance as it’s not something that’s included in every policy.

Personal Belongings

Your standard homeowners insurance in Los Angeles should cover personal property such as furniture, electronics and clothes, but you’ll need to know your limits. Policies only cover up to a certain amount for each item and category, so choose wisely when setting it up.

Other Living Expenses

If a fire leaves your home uninhabitable, some homeowners insurance will help you pay to rent a home or hotel room until it is fixed. Again, there are financial limits, so always be familiar with your policy.

Wildfires can bring devastation to your home. Know your homeowners insurance policy to be sure you’re covered.