How Cargo Liability Insurance Helps You

The requirements and risks that businesses face vary greatly from one industry or service to another, and the regulations on insurance vary with them. Motor carriers are no different. The basic carrier liability that these businesses must have is fairly minimal in protection offered, so adding motor truck cargo insurance coverage can be vital, especially when starting out. This allows for financial protection and reimbursement in case of collision, theft, equipment failure and other risks, as well as services such as pollutant cleanup.

Will It Cover My Business?

Broadly, motor truck cargo insurance coverage is relevant to any and all for-hire trucking services, whether drivers are full-time, part-time or independently contracted and accounting for a variety of vehicle types. However, keep in mind that the coverage is designed to account for particular shipments, so the policy that you should take is contingent on what your trucks are hauling.

Additional Options

Motor truck cargo insurance can also include endorsements that provide more specific protection, vital for managing particular risks your business faces. The coverage granted can be as broad as coverage for cargo losses and failed deliveries or as narrow as reimbursement for reward money given out in exchange for information that helps recover stolen goods. There is no one-size-fits-all policy, so providers can let you adjust such clauses as needed.