How To Price Boat Insurance

How To Price Boat Insurance

There are many factors that go into the cost of an insurance policy, and boat insurance is no different. Only an agent can provide an accurate cost for your insurance. However, understanding boat insurance average cost can provide you with a range to expect in terms of pricing.

Factors of the Average Price

It is estimated that the annual price of an insurance policy for an average sized boat may be anywhere between $300 and $3,000. An insurance company looks at the following factors to determine the cost of your boat insurance:

How you use the boat

Number of licensed drivers

The age of the boat

The size of the boat

The boat’s mooring location

Previously taken safety courses

The use of safety equipment


The insurance generally covers the boat, the trailer and the motor. It’s important to note that items not attached to the vessel can be covered under your homeowner’s insurance as personal property. An insurance agent can discuss the specifics of your plan to provide you with a better understanding.

Pricing for Your Boat

Protecting your boat is just as important as protecting your house or car, but the boat insurance average cost can be difficult to pin down. Reviewing factors that influence price and speaking with an insurance agent can provide you with a more accurate number.