How to Protect Your Company With Commercial Business Insurance

You put the time, money and energy into your business. Watching it thrive is a top priority. While you might have basic business-coverage, it might not be enough to protect your company.

Do You Know Your Exposures?

Every company has specific exposures to account for. Your insurance policies need to cover basic liability risks, but more than that, you may need to account for the following exposures:

In the manufacturing industry, you may need to think about pollution liability too. Your risks are anything that could cost your company money if you face a lawsuit or if you lose your assets. For instance, if vandals target your property or if there is a natural disaster, you could lose your product, building and other assets.

Can You Protect Your Assets?

Protecting your assets is as easy as having insurance policies that cover your risks. While general liability insurance can cover the basics, it doesn’t protect your assets against every exposure. Other insurance options include:

  • Directors and officers coverage
  • Cyber liability coverage
  • Crime protection coverage

Commercial property coverage is customizable with coverages that depend on your industry and business size.

A startup business is particularly vulnerable to profit loss. You can’t afford to have the bare minimum protection.