Insurance for the Sewer and Wastewater Industry

Handling the disposal of other people’s wastewater and byproducts means operating in a unique position where you are both beholden to environmental regulations and also invested in ensuring other companies are meeting them because they often meet them through you. As a service provider with a unique risk profile, you need a carrier who really understands how sewer insurance differs from the basic liability needs most businesses to encounter. You’ll also need someone who can help you comprehensively cover your business’s angles of risk so you don’t have to shop around for more coverage.

Find Insurance Built for Your Business

There are providers that anticipated this unique niche, and they have been offering coverage to suit companies like yours for years. If you are looking for a starting quote that gives you a look at your options, has a program you can query, and the coverage is quite robust. You might even discover that the quote covers areas of liability you had yet to identify for yourself. That’s the advantage that comes from working with a provider who knows your industry and prioritizes its needs. You can’t find that in general insurance, even if you can find a general insurance provider who has the ability to meet you where you need coverage across the board.