Insuring a Detox Facility

Eliminating the abuse of drugs and alcohol doesn’t just help the person who faces addiction, but also those around them. However, detoxing is not easy and often the person needing treatment seeks a detox facility to help get them through this process. Of course, progress is not always easy and there are risks involved by both those helping and those needing help, along with the property and tools utilized throughout the journey. Insurance programs for addiction centers are available, though, to help organizations rest assured that they are protected, allowing the focus to be on their clients.

There is no singular type of coverage that will best suit a detox facility. Numerous people are involved, heightened emotions, potential for volatile situations and many other aspects. It is best to consider securing a program that includes broad coverage to ensure that the risks are properly taken care of.

A broad coverage program includes the basics such as general coverage and property damage, but can also include more specialized areas such as sexual abuse and molestation claims. Protection is provided for clients who may feel they are in a vulnerable situation as well as employees who can run the risk of facing false claims. Coverage also includes auto liability, professional liability, employment practices, cyber liability and more.

Make sure your workers and clients can focus on the task of detoxing without the worry of financial liability issues. Consider securing one of the broad insurance programs for addiction centers that can help take this particular burden off your shoulders.


photo credit: StephenMcleod – International Man of Mystery cc