Insuring Manufactured Homes

Large agencies often overlook insurance for manufactured homes. These lower valued properties can represent a lot of risk to certain firms, but plenty of quality specialty agencies provide excellent coverage for nontraditional homes. If you want to find a good policy for this underserved market, you may have to dig a little, but before you start, here are some things to consider.

Factors to Consider

Do you have a home that is 10 to 20 years old? Even if it is in great condition, most companies will not cover the property, so you might need to look for agencies with a focus on this niche. Make sure the firm does not try to include coverage you wonÕt need or use. This will help you keep costs down.

Typical Program Highlights

Depending on your environment, you may find you have a greater risk for certain liabilities. These are a few common coverage areas:

  • Animal injury
  • Seasonal units
  • Multiple rental units
  • Replacement expenses

Remain cognizant of your needs and speak with a professional before signing a contract. If required, consider add-on policies to avoid coverage gaps.

When you search for insurance for manufactured homes, you may have to turn to alternative or specialized agencies. The best coverage will be tailored to your risks and liabilities, so consult with an agent to ensure you get the most beneficial policy for you.