Insuring Your Business to Succeed

More than 50 percent of all businesses fail within the first two years of their existence, according to statistics from financial experts. Getting new business insurance in New Brunswick NJ can help make your business into one of the successes.

Seeing the Unforeseen

Money is tight for most new businesses, and skimping on insurance may appear like an easy way to save. However, any business that operates close to the red is extra vulnerable to unpredictable problems. Any incident such as a storm that closes your doors for a few days or a break-in may strike a fatal financial blow. Property and business interruption insurance provide a cushion in those circumstances.

Liability Concerns

New business owners may not have the experience or claims history to anticipate what their company may be liable for with their customers and employees. In addition to general liability coverage, specific liability that may be applicable can include:

  • Products Liability (for goods sold by the business)
  • Professional Liability (for services)
  • Employers Liability related to workers compensation

Experienced insurance providers can work with business owners to make a plan best suited to the specific business’s needs. With the protection of new business insurance in New Brunswick NJ, a new entrepreneur can increase their chances of turning their venture into a thriving company.