Insuring Your Volunteer Workforce

Does your insurance cover your volunteer help or just your staffers? Have you ever thought to ask? The last two decades have seen a revitalization of the non-profit sector that has created a lot of opportunities for both professionals in the field and the people their organizations help. That means there’s a rising demand for help with the work of the day, but it doesn’t necessarily mean every organization can hire staff for every role. Unfortunately, though, not all insurance policies cover volunteers as workers. The result is that you might be making do with liability coverage but not the full range of risk management you need when you’re relying on a volunteer workforce. Individual volunteer insurance is designed to fill in that gap, providing robust coverage for your volunteers that will let you take care of them if an accident happens.

How Does Volunteer Insurance Work?

By purchasing specialized volunteer insurance for your unpaid staff and drop-in workers, you protect your liability policy limits, allowing that coverage to do what it does best by protecting visitors and members of the general public. Providers like VIS Volunteers make it their business to help organizations like yours have the risk protection they need to keep doing good work. Connecting with providers who focus on non-profits is the single best way to learn more about your options and how they can help you save money in the long run.