Is Connecticut High Net Worth Insurance Really Necessary?

Many people equate wealth with financial security—after all, the rich have a lot of money, so they must not need to worry. However, this view is misleading, and when affluent people try to apply it in their own financial decisions it can get them into trouble. Connecticut high net worth insurance is a necessity even if consumers think they have enough money to handle their own losses.


Underestimated Risk


Studies have shown that in the United States, the rich are the most likely to underestimate risk. They often believe that they have the money to cover their losses if disaster does strike, and that by spending extra on safety precautions they can avoid trouble. However, this attitude fails to account for everything that can happen. A single liability lawsuit can drain a fortune simply in legal expenses—and that’s not even taking fines or settlements into account. Natural disasters can damage property beyond the owner’s capacity to repair it, and even a small amount of carelessness can lead to significant losses.


Insufficient Coverage


In addition, many members of the upper class fail to get complete coverage even when they do have insurance. A family may fail to cover valuable artwork, jewelry, or collections; in some cases they insurance they do have is not sufficient.


Although money can help attain financial security, it must be properly used. Connecticut high net worth insurance is the best way to help protect assets and preserve wealth.