How to Lower Classic Car Insurance Rates

There is nothing better than cruising your sweet set of wheels down a two-lane highway and taking in the sights old school style. However, you never know what’s lurking up ahead around Dead Man’s Curve, making your car insurance as important as ever. Of course, insurance can be costly, especially when getting the ultimate protection. Here are a few ways to lower your classic car insurance rates.


  1. Keep your mileage down. While you clearly want to drive since there are wheels involved, keeping your mileage on the lower side can help decrease your rates.


  1. Use proper storage. When you use proper storage techniques, there is less of a chance your car will face natural foes such as storms, fallen tree limbs, or flying debris. Storage in a garage can protect it from problems such as vandalism and degradation resulting from the elements.


  1. Keep your nose clean. As tempting as it is to line up for Saturday night’s drag race, the fewer tickets for driving infractions that you receive, the better your classic car insurance rates will be. Having a clean driving record can have a positive impact on the money you spend.


Specialty car insurers know you are a different breed than the average driver and will take many factors into consideration. Follow these guidelines so you can spend less of your dollars on insurance, leaving more change in your pocket for the drive-in.