Making the Most of Your Volunteer Workforce

If your nonprofit organization relies on help from a volunteer workforce, you need to consider how to utilize their help as effectively and efficiently as possible. Moreover, making concerted efforts towards shaping positive volunteer experiences will promote good volunteer recruitment and help you build and sustain a strong volunteer base.

Make Staff Available to Address Challenges

When people are having a hard time with their volunteer service, they may become discouraged and stop volunteering. When their work is less than satisfactory, staff may be reluctant to correct them because they’re not employees and they’re volunteering their service as an act of kindness. However, if individuals are struggling with their assigned volunteer duties, some one-on-one guidance will help them identify how to effectively improve their performance while also letting them know that their contributions are valued.

Enable Volunteers to Contribute Differently

Your volunteer program should be adaptable to enable volunteers to participate in ways that they’ll find interesting and gratifying. Everyone has a unique set of skills and interests, so you should give people the opportunity to help in ways that they’ll excel at and will most enjoy.

A one-size-fits-all approach to volunteering won’t serve your organization well. Instead, empower your volunteer workforce to do their best individual work and help them contribute as meaningfully as they can.