Marina Owners Need to Address Safety Concerns

Operating a marina, with all the different types of activities involved, can be a daunting task. There are certain recreational marine coverage needs involving clients, yachts and sailing vessels, and the property itself. You need to get answers to any concerns related to owning and operating your business and this includes insurance for California marinas.

There are agents available waiting to share their expert advice on exposures that exist in this complex industry, ones that want to assist you with the process of securing the right coverages as well to help to mitigate any type of risks you may face, when possible.

Your primary concern should be the safety of your clients and their guests, something you can accomplish by providing solid insurance solutions that protect your business. Having a comprehensive insurance program with broad coverage forms will ensure that you’re protected when accidents occur where injuries or damage is sustained because you are carrying the right coverage.

Recreational boating safety

Instituting safety requirements will greatly help you avoid costly lawsuits, not to mention it can save lives as well. Customers should be properly instructed on how to operate boats, be expected to motor at safe speeds at all times and be on the lookout for obstacles, including other vessels, to avoid any unsafe occurrences. They should also be instructed on the importance of visibility, traffic density and the proximity of any navigational hazards such as shoals, rocks or floating objects that could pose concerns.

Clients must observe boating safety recommendations and obey navigational rules, including wearing a life jacket at all times and this goes for crew and guests as well. It’s important to keep tabs on the weather, keeping an eye out for changing weather patterns and conditions. Adhering to all safety measures and procedures, which includes never consuming alcoholic beverages while driving, will greatly reduce the risk of damage or injury, making for an enjoyable and uneventful trip on the open seas.

Insurance for California marinas is designed to address all types of scenarios involving boating and making use of a marina and its amenities, so that when a problem does arise, all of the necessary protections will be in place.