Premises and Operations Coverage

NewMark Insurance offers several types of Commercial General Liability coverage, including premises and operations coverage. Premises and operations coverage protects your company against claims of bodily injury or property damage caused by hazards in your facilities or accidents occurring during occupational processes.


Unsafe facilities can lead to accidents, which can lead to lawsuits. Some characteristics of unsafe premises include:

  • Machinery that is not properly maintained.
  • Insufficient lighting in work areas.
  • Hazardous walking surfaces that have not been marked with a warning sign.

When determining what type of coverage is best for your company, a NewMark Insurance employee will inspect your premises for these and any other safety hazards and will report them to you.


Negligent company practices can also lead to bodily injury or property damage. Operations coverage will absorb the financial impact of these damages. Some examples of claims that could be covered by operations insurance include:

  • Accidents involving company vehicles.
  • Workers not being provided with proper safety training.
  • Injuries caused by malfunctioning equipment.

If NewMark Insurance’s agents recognize these or any other operations risks during their assessment, they will notify you so that you can take actions to prevent them from happening.

Keep Your Company Safe

Even if it means an overhaul of your facilities and practices, it is in the interest of everyone who works for your business to make sure that protocols are followed in a safe manner. Minimizing these risks will lower your insurance costs and, more importantly, maintain your company’s safety, standards and reputation.