Protect Against Dog Bites With Proper Canine Insurance

Dog owners often focus on nutrition factors, training classes, exercise, and proper grooming of their animals, but one thing that is sometimes overlooked is canine liability insurance. This coverage protects you if your dog happens to bite, scratch, or cause another injury to some other person or animal. Purchasing insurance is important in order to protect yourself against dog bite insurance claims.

Types of Dogs That are Covered

There are many different breeds of dogs, and some are considered to be more viscous than others, especially when put in certain uncomfortable situations. Most policies cover all types of dogs, even those who have had a history of causing an injury. You can also choose the coverage limit, depending on the amount of risk that you feel your dog presents. The minimum limit is usually $25,000, and some coverage limits can go into the millions if you add umbrella insurance.

Separate From Homeowner’s Insurance

Some individuals think that dog bites are a part of their homeowner’s insurance, but in most situations that is not the case. Double check with your coverage, but more than likely you will need to purchase canine liability insurance separately. Most policies do not have a deductible, so any dog bite insurance claims will be covered from the start.