Protect Your Bank From Crime Liabilities

Banks are a very important institution in the modern day. Not only do they physically keep and handle cash from various people and places, but they also deal with various digital methods of transfer and calculation. There are numerous risks to these processes through criminal acts, whether from an outsider breaking in and attacking or an employee working maliciously to sneak funds out for themselves. It’s important to have tight security for these situations, but in cases where something goes wrong and nothing is able to stop the action in time, bankers insurance can cover for financial loss, as well as various other dangers.

Banking Felonies

If your bank is targeted as the victim of a violation or illegitimate act, you can be held personally responsible for any wrongdoings. If someone is harmed, property is damaged or belongings are stolen, you’ll often be the one who will be charged for repairs, replacements and medical fees, as well as other various charges. Bankers insurance can cover these and legal claims, depending on the situation and coverage. Some types of crimes that may be handled include:

  • Robbery
  • Counterfeit money
  • Alteration and forgery
  • Fraud
  • Social engineering
  • Cyber theft and damage
  • Employee fidelity
  • Ransom and kidnap
  • Extortion

These are only a handful of threats that are possible for banks to experience, but they can all set the business back considerable amounts if the misconduct succeeds. Consider a specially designed bankers insurance program for your bank in order to protect from severe loss.