Protect Your Dry Cleaning Business

Whether you own a small mom-and-pops dry cleaner or a large commercial laundry facility, you need the right type of dry cleaning insurance in order to protect your business. In your industry, you have specific risks, so you need an insurance agent who understands your exposures and has enough experience to find the right insurance solution for you.

Types of Policies

There are multiple types of dry cleaner insurance policies to select from, so be sure you purchase the right coverage for your operation. For example, consider whether you need:

Loss of Income

In addition to the above policies, consider purchasing coverage to protect your company against an interruption of income. No one expects to have to shut his or her doors for a period of time, but it’s important to be protected just in case something unforeseen happens to your business. For example, you should protect yourself in case of:

  • Fire damage that forces your business to close for repairs
  • Utility service power outages that keep your machines from operating
  • Soil contamination due to specific dry cleaning products

Select an insurance agent who has experience working with dry cleaning businesses such as yours. When you deal with a risk management specialist who understands your industry, you will end up with the best dry cleaning insurance coverage there is.