Protect Your Yacht Club Against Liability Suits

You’ve worked hard to make your yacht club the best in the area. Don’t let legal fees, settlements and judgments ruin all your hard work. Yacht clubs that don’t have adequate coverage face a wide variety of liability risks that can quickly drain their reserves. Yacht club liability coverage not only helps your club defend itself from legal action, but it can also assist you in paying any awards against you.

When you think about liability coverage for your yacht club, you probably think about protecting your fleet of boats and those that use your facilities. This is just part of the liability risk picture. Regattas and accidental fuel spills are a few of the many other sources of potential areas of liability threatening your club. In addition, your club’s directors and officers face the very real possibility of being defendants in any liability action taken against your club.

Yacht club liability coverage exists to provide your club the means to afford the costs of mounting a legal defense against liability suits, as well as the capability to pay any fines, fees or awards issued against your club. By reviewing your club’s liability coverage on a regular basis with a qualified insurance specialist, you’re giving your yacht club the tools it needs to survive in today’s tort-focused environment.