Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

The police serve an invaluable function to society to protect and serve. They do this by enforcing laws and providing consequences for those who break them. These expectations often require these public servants to act quickly, follow protocol by the book yet take calculated risks when necessary. Even though many police officers are well-respected by the communities they serve, this is not always the case as shown by both minor and high-profile disputes from the public. Luckily, with protections such as police malpractice insurance, police officers can do their jobs more effectively.

Types of Malpractice

With everything that the police do for their communities, it can be difficult to fathom that anything can go wrong. Like any line of work, human error can happen even unintentionally at times. With police work, the consequences can be even more costly. These issues can range from liability issues to outright misconduct. The following are just some examples:

Violations of civil rights

False arrests

Unethical practices

Behavior leading to a privacy and security breach

Other errors and omissions

With a job that is high-risk by nature, many can understand why exercising certain precautions such as having police malpractice insurance might be non-negotiable. By putting this in place, well-intentioned public servants can continue concentrating their efforts where it matters.