Protecting Your Work

How many productions have ever gone off without a single problem, accident, or injury? In an environment where some risk is inevitable, production insurance provides essential protection against the impact of these types of events and their consequences.

Ordinary Problems

Entertainment production, like any other workplace, is subject to a number of common potential problems including:

  • accidents and injuries on set
  • accidents and injuries in company vehicles
  • damage or loss of equipment
  • damage to others’ property if filming on location

In addition to these very real and common challenges, a production may face more specialized problems, like claims of libel or copyright infringement.

Appropriate Protection

An experienced, qualified entertainment insurance broker is as critical as any other member of your team for helping to make sure your production runs smoothly. Since every project is different, and faces different hurdles, a good broker can work with you to craft a policy that provides coverage against the kinds of accidents or claims you might see during production.

A single liability claim can have significant implications for your production in terms of time, money and reputation. Production insurance can provide the resources you need to cope with legal fees and settlement costs, and minimize the impact on daily operations, so that the show can go on, and the project can be completed.