Running a New Laundry Business

Running a laundry business is a great way to establish a high revenue earning business presence. With so many more people renting rather than buying their homes, city dwellers everywhere have a continuing if not growing reliance on laundromats to get laundry done throughout the week.

Get Good Machines

Opening a laundry business requires purchasing or leasing high-quality machines. Taking over an old business with machines that are greater than fifteen years old likely won’t be the best course of action. Ideally, you’d like to have a service contract with a provider who’s competent, responsive, and able to leave you with as little downtime as possible when one of your machines suffers a mechanical problem.

Hire Great Staff

According to, your front-facing staff is an integral part of your business’ operations. When staff is attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable, customers are going to be more likely to use your location rather than a competitor’s.

Insure Your Operations

The activities that take place at laundromat present unique operational liability concerns that need to be insured accordingly. Activities such as fluff and dry services where you take responsibility for a customer’s clothing could potentially create liability claims, and customers doing things like misusing machines or dripping water on the floor could create unsafe conditions. Ultimately, you need to protect your laundromat’s operations with comprehensive insurance policies.