Teamwork Does Not Always Make the Dream Work

Depending on when you attended grade school, you likely participated in a plethora of group projects. There was always one individual who slacked off and accepted the exemplary grade the group received despite contributing next to nothing. In general, humans are social creatures and wish to engage with others to live more fulfilling lives. With that said, this does not always work as one intends, and this is true for group purchasing. There are multiple disadvantages of group purchasing that you should take note of if this is an option you are currently considering.

Disadvantages of Group Purchasing

One of the main disadvantages of group purchasing involves you compromising your identity for the sake of money. Meaning, you alter your ethics and values due to doing business with an unfamiliar crowd. There are group purchasing organizations that operate unethically, and this can surely rub off on an individual who is usually a stand-up individual.
The promise of saving money is also not exactly guaranteed. Typically, multiple heads go in on a purchase to decrease the total value of the desired item or service. However, spending can become fragmented in a group purchasing organization, and your money may be going to parties you did not eventually agree to spend money with.