Temporary Staffing is a Tricky Business – Do What You Can to Protect Yourself

Temporary staffing is a tricky business, one that relies on other people to represent your company in the best possible light. While most companies can keep tabs on their employees and make sure that they’re doing everything by the book, staffing firms have the unique challenge of hiring individuals they have no control over beyond the hiring phase. Once a candidate is placed, the staffing firm has to hope that he or she proves to be a good hire, and not a negligent one. Hope, unfortunately, does not protect the agency against bad hire and other professional liability claims. A temporary staffing insurance policy, however, does.

If you are in the business of finding temporary replacement workers for other companies, you know better than most how difficult it can be to find hardworking, trustworthy and reliable individuals who are looking for temporary work. More often than not, candidates are not who they claim to be, which could mean bad news for you. For instance, if a candidate tells you that they have an MBA in accounting and ten years of fiduciary experience, but then they lose millions of dollars for a client because, it turns out, they have zero accounting experience, you could be held liable for negligent hiring.

Though you cannot control how a candidate represents him or herself, you can control the outcome to a professional liability claim. Invest in a temporary staffing insurance policy to get the protection you need today.