The Benefits of a Roadside Service Program for Commercial Trucks

Commercial truckers need specialized help when they have a problem requiring emergency roadside assistance. It may be difficult to find qualified help in an unfamiliar area, and it could cause a significant setback on the way to meet a deadline. Participating in a roadside assistance program specifically geared towards commercial truck drivers can help them save considerable time and expense and enable them to get back on their routes as quickly as possible.

Services Offered

Roadside service for commercial trucks may include a jump start, tire replacement, oil or gas delivery, or mobile mechanical services. A program can also offer to tow up to 50 miles to a mechanic who can work on a complex program.

Additional Benefits

An assistance program may also help with concierge booking services or a discount on accommodation if there is a mechanical problem that can’t be resolved immediately. In addition, it can help with getting a rental replacement vehicle to get back on the road.

Having access to roadside assistance provides a valuable form of insurance that will offer significant peace of mind to drivers who have to cover great distances. If you or your fleet members would benefit from roadside assistance, talk to an experienced carrier who can answer all of your questions about a program’s cost and features.