The Benefits of Working with a Professional Liability Wholesaler

As an insurance broker, you want your clients to be happy with the coverage that you can offer them. Ideally, their policies should cover all the risks that come with running a business or being a professional. When you work with a professional liability wholesaler, you can give your customers greater access to customized policies that ensure they are protected from economic losses caused by third-party liability.


Which of Your Clients Need Coverage?


Some of your clients may be confused over the type of insurance policies that they need based on the professional services that they provide. In general, any professional that faces liability due to errors and omissions while performing their services for customers should have professional liability coverage. The most common professions that need coverage include:


  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Engineers
  • Real estate agents
  • Accountants


A professional liability wholesaler can help you provide the policies that all of your clients need.


Risk Evaluation


Determining the amount of coverage that your clients needs requires an evaluation of their risks. While you can perform these assessments on your own, it is often beneficial to work with a professional liability wholesaler in order to get the most accurate information.  Your clients will appreciate your care and consideration of their individual needs and your ability to customize their specific liability coverage options.