The Importance of Insurance for Home Care Providers

Providing home care is an important service that allows patients to live comfortably at home while receiving medical care or support they need. However, running this type of business comes with certain risks, which is why you need home care agency insurance.

The Dangers Faced By This Industry

When you provide services in a person’s home rather than in an office setting, your business is taking a risk. Whether your agency faces claims of malpractice from clients or an employee is injured at a patient’s home, you can be covered for the potential dangers to both employees and clients with the right insurance policy.

The Available Coverage Options

As a home care agency, protecting your employees and your clients while providing services is top of mind. To do this, you need an insurance policy that is capable of keeping all parties safe with the following coverage options:

General liability
Auto insurance
Errors and omissions insurance
Professional liability
Workers’ compensation
Regulatory audit coverage
Employment practices liability insurance

Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

Providing services in a client’s home come with certain risk factors for your clients, your employees and your business. Home care agency insurance programs help you mitigate those risks and protect all parties involved in the case of an accident or other situation.